Urge your CM to Vote Yes on Outdoor Dining

If the City Council doesn’t pass this bill, curbside dining would come to an end

We need your help to secure the future of outdoor dining

The City Council is poised to vote on a bill to create a permanent Open Restaurants program, but we need your help to make sure it gets through. While this bill isn’t perfect, it’s critical that we get a permanent program in place.

This bill provides an important structure for the permanent program:

  • DOT will manage the permanent program as part of a holistic view of the streetscape and public space amenities. They have been managing the program for three years now and have the knowledge and expertise to continue running it. 
  • The City and restaurants will have about a year and a half to carefully and properly transition to the new program.
  • Consent Fees are capped in the legislation to ensure small neighborhood restaurants can participate. 
  • Regulations and design guidelines will be finalized through the official rulemaking process, allowing adequate time for input from restaurants, designers, and the public and offering flexibility as the program evolves.

As we said, the bill is not perfect; it currently limits the roadway dining program to eight months a year. Open Plans worked hard to get a year-round program! This bill is the result of years of negotiation and unfortunately, we did not get everything we wanted. But it’s urgent that we make outdoor dining permanent and give New Yorkers and business owners the stability needed to build upon this popular program. We will continue to advocate for a year-round program once the bill is passed.

Do you have two minutes to tell your Council Member that you support outdoor dining and you want them to sign on to the bill?

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